Grindr, “The Gay Tinder”, has creepily promiscuous and suggestive gay men. Sexual desires are an all-natural human activity. However, for gay men it can be difficult to satisfy their desires. Grindr’s user-friendly interface makes it easy to communicate with gay males. It displays anywhere between 100 and 700 gay men close by the user. This application is specifically tailored for gay men and keeps them engaged.

Grindr uses sex to motivate its users. It makes finding a good partner easy and enjoyable. I will explain how identity-based affective committment (Kraut&Resnick, 2011), can be felt in Grindr’s user community. This makes it feel like users are part of a larger group and allows them to coexist in an online dating community. Secondly, I’ll discuss Grindr’s ability to meet needs-based obligations (Kraut & Resnick 2011, 2011). Grindr was born out of the intense and inborn desire to sex. Grindr helps gay men have casual sex. This is the main reason why the application is so popular. This casual sexual encounter keeps users returning to the app. Finally, I’ll discuss how Grindr encourages its users to actively participate in the community. Grindr helps users find a group of people who are similar to them. Grindr, which is all about empowering gay men sexually, has made the search for a compatible partner rewarding, pleasurable as well as community-minded. Resnick (2011) describes identity-based affective dedication as “a feeling to be part of the society and helping it fulfill its missions” (p. Grindr is open to gay men. It fulfills the application’s goal of sexual freedom for all homosexuals. Grindr continues to fulfill its mission by facilitating gay men’s interactions. Kraut (p.79) and Resnick (2011) expand upon identity-based affective dedication by discussing Social Identity. “How sharing a similar social category with others causes people categorize themselves in a group and to associate with it.” Grindr, which is an online community that focuses on gay men’s common sexual orientation, allows them to explore their options. Many gay men feel marginalized and seek refuge in online communities that allow them to express their feelings and share the culture and vocabulary of the surrounding community. It is a pleasure to chat with gay men about sexual explorations, interests, and other self-disclosing subjects. Grindr makes it easy to connect with other gay men. While there have been positive changes in widely held beliefs recently, homosexuality was often associated with questionable looks. Grindr’s mission to promote sexual freedom and sexual liberty is accomplished by being part of the online gay community. Grindr men are gay men who decide to join.

The application allows users to choose “tribes” which are self-identifiable and that reflect a variety of interests and body types. For example, one may join the “leather” tribe if they fetishize sadism and masochism, but may also join the “trans” tribe if they are either transgender-identifying or are interested in transgender people. You can choose your “position” such that you prefer to penetrate the surface or go to the bottom. Kraut and Resnick (2011) claim that “creating named subgroups within an online community increases members commitment to them” (p.83). Grindr helps to create a stronger sense community within these subgroups. These tiny communities of like-minded individuals allow users to return again and again for additional visits. This allows them to explore their sexual passions further without being shamed. It is a powerful motivator for intrinsic motivation because it fulfills a lot of human natural desires. Other users may also be interested in these terms and their subgroups.

As we have already mentioned, sex can be quite aggressive and is a fundamental human desire. Some consider sex to be a human necessity. Grindr users agree that sex can be a satisfying desire. Grindr’s interface for sex allows users to make needs-based commitments. Resnick (2011) and Kraut (2011) define this type as “attachment to a community that relies on the net benefit that people receive from it” (p.105). Grindr allows you to satisfy your sexual needs. Grindr is a virtual space for gay men to share their sexual fantasies. It will be constantly growing in popularity and users. Kraut and Resnick (2011)’s thirty-second design statement for needs-based engagements in online community communities states, “providing participants experience that meets their motivations to participate in the community increases its need-based dedication to the community” (p.107). It allows users to quickly and easily send their exact locations to each another so that members of the community can meet up to satisfy their sexual cravings. Grindr’s user-friendly interface will encourage participants to meet up with someone who can satisfy their sexual desires. Grindr users can rest assured that they will be able to satisfy their sexual desires almost immediately. Grindr will always have gay men.

Grindr makes it easy for men to sign-up and participate in the community. However, many design claims show that Grindr’s interface inspires them to share their thoughts with others. Kraut (p. 63) states that contributing to an online community is easier when it’s smaller than it is large. While it might seem intimidating to download an application knowing that only the nearest one hundred gay men will be available, this community grows rapidly once the users have found their own niche groups within Grindr. Users will seek out the smaller communities that share their interests and hope to form new friendships. Design claim 32 states that “commitment towards an online community increases willingness to help it” (Kraut & Resnick 2011 p. 63). Grindr will display users who commit to virtual coexistence to meet up in-person.

Grindr users enjoy sending nude selfies, based on their own personal experiences, to start conversations and to encourage the recipient to do the same. Robert Cialdini, 2001 on reciprocity, suggests that “all societies subscribes to a norme that obligates individuals in kind to repay what they’ve received” (p.76). Cialdini (2001), argues that reciprocity can also apply to concessions made by people to one other (p.77). Grindr users might send a picture of their genitals and request a similar picture back. However, if the receiver declines, they might reduce the request and request a picture with only underwear, so as not to expose the recipient of the original message. Grindr’s explicit sexual nature means that users are motivated to make more events such as these. Kraut and Resnick claim that people will respond more readily to requests from people they know, who are similar to them and are attractive and have high social status. Grindr is a platform that encourages contributing, probably X-rated. It does this by forcing people to expose them to similar interests.

Grindr’s well-designed user interface makes the difficult journey of finding a suitable sexual partner less stressful. The application is designed to appeal to the gay community and keeps them engaged and active in the community and the application. Grindr’s platform is intrinsically motivated by sex and makes finding a partner for sexual pleasure both fun and rewarding. Grindr users feel an affective obligation based on their identity (Kraut&Resnick 2011, 2011), which makes them want to join the Grindr network and help spread its messages of sexual tolerance. Grindr has many needs-based commitments. Many of the participants are looking for sex. Participants who can live an active sexual life will continue to come back for more. Finally, encouraging others to participate can be seen in “tribes” or proximal areas. Two-way conversations can be had anonymously and publicly between those who are interested to “leather” fetish. They can discuss any new developments in the realm, as well as the interests that surround it. There is also the possibility of having offline meetings to perform these sexual acts. A user will be more inclined than others to engage with someone if they see photos of their faces, faces-less torsos, or half-naked males located less than a kilometer from them. They have both homosexuality in common and both want to fulfill sexual desires. Grindr gives gay men the opportunity to have casual sex with other gay men. Grindr is a way for gay men to feel valued and active in the online gay community.