Some American religious groups still practice polygamy despite the Reynold case of 1879 which forbade the practice on the basis of religion. In 2008, Texas saved over 400 girls from Warren Jeffs. Jeffs was a polygamist who had left his church because it refused to follow the state directives that prohibited polygamy. The issue of polygamy is still a controversial topic in the U.S. as different people have different opinions on its acceptability. The U.S. should ban polygamy because it is not fair to women and increases the risk of diseases spreading among married families.

Polygamy shouldn’t be permitted in any religious group in America today, for several reasons. Polygamy is a violation of the rights of women, as it denies them their equality with men. Women may suffer more discrimination if polygamy spreads to other religious groups or the American population. Women are also exposed to mental distress by polygamy. Women who are in polygamous unions often struggle to get along with one another, and it can become a mental torture. This leads to more serious conditions, such as domestic violence and depression. Women who oppose adding another wife in a marriage are often victims of gender violence. In other situations, when there are two wives in the marriage who disagree, their husbands will likely favor one of them. Conflicts can escalate and violence is possible. Both women can be victims of domestic abuse or other rights violations.

Polygamy can also be harmful to women’s and society’s health by encouraging diseases to spread. The risk of immorality and disease spreading is increased when a man engages in sexual activity with more than one woman. It also puts society at risk, as certain behaviors and diseases may be exposed. Street families could grow, and children’s rights could be violated. The United States is currently flooded with diverse cultures due to the interaction of people. Most cultures view polygamy negatively and consider it to be morally inacceptable. There is a chance that cultural issues will only arise because polygamy was not permitted in the U.S.

As a counter-argument to the opponents of polygamy, they argue that a ban on polygamy violates the First Amendment, which guarantees the freedom of religion. The fact is that they all fail to acknowledge the fact, despite it being a religious act, it violates their sisters and mothers’ rights. They also argue that polygamy could bring peace to the family, but this argument lacks any basis.

It is not acceptable to allow polygamy within the religious groups in America, due to the physical and mental problems it can cause for families, American women, and even the American public. It is notable that the U.S. has taken steps to control polygamy. We need to find other ways to eliminate polygamy from society.


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