According to the Cambridge English Dictionary, a mature student is an older student who attends a university or college. Students are defined as mature if they reach 21 years of age when starting their undergraduate program and over 25 when applying for a postgraduate degree. According to this definition, I’m considered a mature students. I think mature students are more experienced and have had different experiences in their lives. This will be beneficial when they embark on a course at the third level.

Mature students can prioritize. While pursuing a degree, you are constantly juggling a lot of things. The ability to manage time and to prioritise urgent tasks, as well having better time-management skills is an advantage of being a mature university student. Mature learners have learned how to manage their time efficiently by prioritizing the things that are most important to them. Students who are mature understand the value of time and procrastinate less than their younger counterparts. The second is that mature students tend to be more independent. The students who choose to go to tertiary level education do so because they have an interest, want to learn more, are pursuing their goals, or are looking to improve the quality of their life. The students are motivated to learn because they see themselves in the future and realize that they can achieve their goals by learning. The mature students can focus on their studies without being influenced by others. A mature student is better prepared to study and achieve higher grades. As mature students, they have a better understanding of the study process. Mature students would rather enjoy the learning process than focus solely on the end result. This means that they would pay attention to details, accumulate and retain details.Understanding their strength and weakness, mature students could choose learning format that suits themselves. As they are able to relate what is being taught with real life, their experience in the classroom will be enhanced. The course would help them to achieve their qualification because they had a deeper understanding. A second advantage to returning to school at a later age is that you can feel youthful again. Students who are older can benefit from studying in an energetic environment with younger people. Communication with the younger students helps the mature ones to better understand how they think. This will reduce the gap between generations. The younger students can also come up with creative and new ideas which will fascinate their elders. This opens their eyes to a growing world. The older students can learn from the younger ones how to use new gadgets and applications. Aside from that, today’s educational models are interesting, interactive and diverse. Teaching equipments have also improved, so mature students can expect a new experience.

As a matured student, you are more approachable by your lecturers. As mature students, you will be more comfortable talking to your lecturers. Students just need to be willing to approach lecturers. It would be beneficial for mature students to do so, as it would enhance their learning experience. It would be much easier to talk with lecturers about various concepts, whether they are theoretical or practical and relate them to the working world. It is clear that being an older student has its advantages. They are more experienced and older, which can bring a number of benefits to their study at tertiary level. Studying for a long time is not about age. Everyone deserves an exciting and hopeful life.


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    Rhys Graham is an educational blogger and professor who writes about topics such as literacy, mathematics, and science. He has written several books, including one on the history of science. He is also the co-founder of the website Learn Out Loud, which helps educators create and share classroom activities.