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The State Of African American Society In Jesmyn Ward Men We Reaped

Even though the United States of America has made significant progress in its race relations, it is still plagued by prejudice. Even today certain aspects of our society are a factor in the mortality and life-span of African Americans. According to Jesmyn War’s memoir, Men We Raped, as well as researchers at Columbia University Mailman School of Public Health’s, the major contributing factors of American black deaths were poverty, lack of schooling, and a poor social environment (237). The five young men who died in Ward’s book share these factors with many other African-Americans.

The most important factor is poverty. In a capitalist system, money can buy happiness or better living conditions. The lack of wealth is the most significant factor for African-American deaths. Charles Joseph Martin – one of five young men who appear in Men We Reaped – died when his car collided with a railway. Ward stated that the railroad crossed had no reflective gates. Although there were bells, flashing light and other warning devices, they weren’t working consistently. And because the crossing was in a mostly Black area, it wasn’t a priority to install reflective gates or fix the existing ones. These are only assumptions, but the idea that wealthy neighborhoods have more up-to-date and safer utilities than poorer neighborhoods isn’t. Lack of funding can create an environment that is unsafe and increases the risk of death.

It is not uncommon for teenagers to drop out of school in neighborhoods where there are more black residents. Ward’s Memoir exemplifies that notion by stating, “Rog was a tenth grade dropout; it’s common for young Black males to dropout here”(26). It’s even worse that this isn’t just expected, but accepted. Ward says that teachers and school officials are prompted to ask: “Why bother figuring out what motivates this kid when, statistically, it’s another Black male who is destined for dropout?” (208). This forced inability to learn has many serious effects. Drug abuse is more prevalent in an environment where education is lacking. Drugscope.org reports that “drug awareness, based in research findings,… could reduce drug abuse.” Rog died of a heart-attack caused by cocaine, according to Drugscope.org. Education is essential to a healthy and safe life.

While it may not be unique to African American societies or African Americans, the lack of social support is a significant factor in African American deaths. Lack of support for social interaction can often lead to negative outcomes such as suicide and homicide. Men We Raised illustrates a social interaction “when someone stepped from the bushes and shot Demond” (77). The memoir shows another interaction when Ronald Wayne Lizana “shot his own head and then died” (177). The most important factor in Black deaths is poor social support.

Men We Raped demonstrates how five deaths that appear unrelated of Black men from Delisle in Mississippi are linked by poverty, lack or education, and poor support socially. Roger Eric Daniels died from a cocaine-induced cardiac arrest. Drug abuse and addiction can be caused by a lack in education and social support. Demond cook was shot behind in his own front lawn. Instances of violence are exacerbated by poverty and lack of support from society. Charles Joseph Martin, a young man from the United States, died after a tragic car crash with an oncoming train. Safety is often absent in neighborhoods that lack wealth. Ronald Wayne Eliza deliberately shot his own head. Depression is caused by poverty and lack of social support. Joshua Adam Dedeaux’s car was rear ended by a drunken motorist. This death is not easily categorized into the three contributing reasons; however, it does connect the other five deaths.

Discrimination between blacks and non-blacks is at the core of the problems that black communities face. Joshua’s collision occurred because of a drunken white man in their forties. The man charged was not charged vehicular manslaughter, but rather with leaving the accident scene. Although the gap between the rich and the poor has narrowed in the last 50 years, we are still struggling with the idea of equality. Police brutality, white supremacists persisting. We must unite as a country to rid ourselves of this virus of discrimination if we want to overcome it one day.

The Harlem Renaissance: Poverty And Desperation

Humans tend to favor positivity. Humans’ tendency to be positive influences how historians and literary critics portray the Harlem Renaissance. The Harlem Renaissance was described as a “duration of 10 or 15 years during the early 20th century by an exceptional group who celebrated the emergence” of African-American awareness in The Norton Introduction to Literature. They all display positive outcomes of the cultural movement. These descriptions miss the desperation of working-class African-Americans and the struggle they faced in Harlem. Harlem was home to some wealthy African-Americans but also to slums and disease-ridden poverty. The literature of African-American authors can show the economic changes that were prevalent throughout the Harlem Renaissance and prior to it.

The cultural and artistic influences of the black community were inevitable after World War I. They were especially evident in Harlem. More than 100,000 African-Americans decided to remain in the city after World War I. Harlem was described as “a distinctive, independant, creative centre of performance and arts and activities that attracted New York.” While the authors’ statements about the nightclubs and entertainment are true, they fail to address the issues of poverty and crime, which became dominant in Harlem. Harvard University’s well-known historian stated that “Harlem had poverty, unemployment and futility.” However, the optimistic and happy 1920s heightened this image. This shows that the focus is on more famous and fruitful writers and elites like Hughes. While it’s reasonable to focus on those who played a significant role in the movement, the Harlem Renaissance residents must also be given attention. By focusing on the lives of Harlem residents, we can create an inaccurate image of Harlem during the Harlem Movement.

Harlem residents’ lives are not as extravagant as they appear in the books or other sources. The African-Americans had to work in the most arduous, low-paying jobs because of prejudice and discrimination. According to Dr Jeffrey Ogbar of University of Kansas professor, 16.6% of Harlem’s residents received as little $75 per month. This is 25 percent less than the minimum income required for those who are considered inferior. Harlem residents also earned less than $133 per month to live a comfortable and happy life. This Harlem Life is a study of five black families in Harlem, during the Harlem Renaissance, that analyzes the financial struggles Harlemites faced. The income of one family member was all that they needed to survive. Thompson said his kids were the only ones to support their family. George was employed by a dressmaking firm and then later became a scarve maker. His sister, Elizabeth, worked in a hat-making factory. Both children donated their entire salary to the family. In order to keep their jobs, the parents had only daytime jobs. Harlem residents were not uncommon to face financial difficulties due to racial prejudice.

“White people owned several businesses in Harlem, including at least most of its clubs.”

Countee’s poem “Saturday Child”, based on the nursery rhyme “The Saturday’s Kid Works Hard for a Living”, is the best way to describe poverty. It compares a poor child with a rich one, using scholarly tools as well as a keen interest in emotion. “The first signs of financial stress are highlighted in the opening stanza. Countee Cullen outlines how:

Some teethed silver spoons.

Stars strung on a rattling;

The black racoon was my first employer.

The use of weapons and other combat implements

The child is born to a wealthy family. The silver spoon represents wealth. The third and forth lines emphasize the struggles a kid born in a low income family will endure. In the fourth line, the child is practicing his teeth for battles to come. The lines reveal Cullen’s discontent. Cullen also illustrates “Dame Poverty/and Pain godfathered” him. The author clearly shows his resentment in these lines. Cullen’s anger and despair are expressed through his experience of being raised by a mother who is “poor”.

Low-income families are irritants to their children because of the absolute poverty levels. The relationship between parent and child should not be affected by poverty. This was the reality of several Harlem families.

Euphemism – The Power Of Communication

Webster’s Dictionary defines euphemisms as substituting a pleasant or neutral expression for one which may be offensive or suggest something unpleasing. Eu- means “well” in Greek, and pheme means “speech”. This is good-sounding talk. It can be hard to define something in absolute terms, as it’s subject to interpretation. One can stretch, flip or change the definition for anything to make a point.

The two main parts of euphemisms include the symbol and descriptors. The descriptor is the link between what the object actually represents and the symbolism. All of us have done it. We don’t want to be called fat. That’s why we use euphemisms such as ‘frumpy’, even though the meaning can still be offensive. It’s a normal human reaction to self-sanitize to suit our current audience. To quote Mary Poppins: “a spoonful sugar” will help make the medicine easier to swallow.

In a politically charged context, a speaker uses euphemisms when he or she wants to communicate to their audience why certain political beliefs are so important. George Orwell criticized the language used in 1946’s Politics and the English Language for being “ugly and inaccurate”. He claimed that the language was so carelessly used that its true meaning had been lost and it became ambiguous and void. Orwell warns against the euphemisms of those who are merely doing so to gain political or financial advantage. He calls it a “contagion,” which has spread throughout the world, so much so that people who don’t want to conceal something heinous like “genocide” still refer to “ethnic cleanse.”

This reminds my of Spiderman’s famous dialogue “With Great Power, Comes Great Responsibility”. We often don’t realize the immense power that we have through our daily words and writing. We are all human beings, and as such, constantly striving to improve our society, it’s up to us not use euphemistic or vague words. Our words must reflect the truth. It is important to be careful, mindful and deliberate when choosing your language. The use of language comes with a great deal of responsibility.

Office Food Collection Project – Revise an Email

Give a general review of the email.

The email informed the recipient that the Hunger Action Month for this year will begin on September 1st. This competition aims to increase the amount of food available in the community.

What is your writer’s purpose?

The writer wants to make sure that all employees are aware of the Hunger Action Month.

What is the author’s goal?

This email may not have been able to get the attention of people.

What would you do to make the document more effective?

First, I’ll make the topic more prominent by saying “Hunger Action Month returns on September 1st !!!!! Second, I’ll use bullet points to describe the details. It will be easier to read and understand.

Imagine receiving this email at the end of the weekend. However, you didn’t open it or read it until Monday, when your email inbox was crowded. This email lacks a crucial element, which could cause the recipient to ignore it.

What is the email’s purpose?

The subject should be more interesting to attract people’s attention.

The Complicated Failure Of The Harlem Renaissance

In the early 1920s, America was a melting pan of cultures. Over the past century, many people from different cultures interacted in America. This interaction created the multi-layered culture of the U.S. Manhattan was the perfect example. Manhattan is home to people of many different cultures. Harlem Renaissance – a period marked by enlightenment in black culture and progress – was taking place within the city of Manhattan. People followed businessmen who followed the Great Migration. At one point, Manhattan had 60,000 black residents. New York was also the new center for book publishing, so it was the ideal place to host the Harlem Renaissance. Jazz music became a global phenomenon and many celebrities started running campaigns in Harlem within months. As the mock-up began to gain traction, it was also met with more opposition and a number of greedy patrons. Harlem Renaissance is a literary and black cultural movement that was both a success. However, the Harlem Renaissance also brought to light the black culture it aimed to integrate, failing in its goal of integrating black culture into America.

Harlem Renaissance was a time of hope for many black people who were tired and battle-hardened from World War I. It gave them a renewed sense of purpose in their fight against discrimination. As the Harlem Renaissance began, people flocked to the area to see the plays, such as Shuffle Along. This was a major event that made headlines, and helped to improve the way African Americans were portrayed in the media. Alain Locke, the author, presided over a dinner that celebrated African American writers. The event was called the Civic Club. Locke described the gathering of blacks from around the world to Manhattan as their “greatest experience”. Groups such as the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) provided enough protection for many people who could not speak out before. They used Crisis and other magazines to highlight the injustices that were happening to their people. Harlem received a lot of attention from magazines and progressive organizations. This helped to show the violence that was being perpetrated against it. Countee McKay & Claude McKay became too famous as they influenced so many people. This was a completely foreign concept to the rest America. Instead of promoting the acceptance of Black culture, the people began to see it as an exotic thing to see.

Harlem Renaissance was no different. W.E.B. For example, W.E.B. Du Bois had a large following in New York, and many of them were eager to share their views. Langston Hughes describes his desire to live in Harlem and get a job. As a young person, he said, “I wanted nothing else but to go there and cultivate my culture.” Hughes went on to say that he would not care what others thought and that he would express himself and embrace the culture of Harlem. Hughes became a major figure in the Harlem Renaissance with the help of many of his poems describing the achievements and contributions of black people to society that were not given due credit. They became the faces of Harlem Renaissance and were able to showcase the movement to the entire world. Arthur Springarn spent a great deal of time in the movement and was able to support the figures. Springarn established the Springarn Medal to recognize black talent in a variety of fields. Hughes and Du Bois Du Bois, too, was a winner of this medal, and because it came with an impressive amount of cash, many were inspired to obtain one. Prior to this, media constantly made black people feel burdensome. This important transition couldn’t pass unnoticed. They fixed this stereotype by promoting the movements in a fashion that was endorsed by the leading figures.

Harlem has always been a hot topic. Many people avoid it, but others view it as a fun place to visit. Harlem was a place where people of all colors went to find comfort from the Puritainistic beliefs of the country. Restaurant and store owners took advantage of this popularity to expel black clients. Many grants, prizes, and awards were funded by white money. The majority of the establishments who published and recorded this great work were also white-owned. Carl Van Vechten is one example of a person who perpetuated the stereotypical images of blacks that had been set in earlier history. Some authors, who were trying to help promote the movement with good intentions, unintentionally portrayed black culture as hostile by urging more white people to embrace it. The movement became dependent on white patrons as they continued to fund it, and people who had achieved great success in the Harlem Renaissance were forced to serve the patrons rather than themselves. The Harlem Renaissance became so dependent on white money that it was no longer able to function. Only the patrons’ desires were communicated to the public. Some people put the people who were simply living and promoting culture on a high pedestal in order to gain money or control their earnings. This brought them into the spotlight. And as the richer people supported the movement, so did it become more visible.

They believe that they played a major role in the Harlem Renaissance. White people were initially amazed at how black people could advance literature and the arts. It is likely that patronage took place because white people were interested in seeing how the black culture would grow.

The Harlem Renaissance’s goal of fostering racial pride in black Americans was achieved. The Harlem Renaissance didn’t achieve all its goals, but it did allow them to accomplish the rest. Some people thought that the movement had failed, but it didn’t. It was necessary to bring attention to many people in the movement and to change the way the media portrayed black people. This meant that it was also necessary to draw attention to black culture. Harlem Renaissance as a black culture and major literary movement was not able to successfully blend black culture in America.

Overview Of Social Networks: Pros And Cons Of Instagram

Instagram is an online application or platform that allows users to share pictures, videos, messages, and stories. Kevin Systrom launched Instagram in 2010 and sold it to Facebook for $1billion in 2012. (Aslam (2017). Facebook’s purchase enabled Instagram to upload posts onto Facebook. As of August 10, 2017, Instagram had 700 millions of active monthly Instagram users. Of these, 77.6 are Americans (Aslam, 2017). Instagram is one of the most popular platforms that people use to connect, entertain and share.

Visual communication has been a major factor in the growth of this platform. According to Russmann & Svensson, (2016) “images can be seen as a complementary source of communication to written or spoken texts” (p.3). This means that visuals help to convey information. Images are a great way to make people more aware of the content and help them engage. Instagram can be used to effectively communicate the message of a company.

Instagram is a great tool for businesses. It can be used to advertise and market any organization, whether it’s a profit-making or non-profit one. The user can change their account from a personal profile to a company profile. There are several useful features for the business. For example, the option to promote (for an additional fee) items related to the business. They also have access to insights on the account in terms of followers and postings. As an example, the publisher can see the engagement, impressions and reach of each image or video. The market is assessed by calculating the efficiency and effectiveness.

Instagram is also a great tool for analysis. Sometimes, communicating through such platforms is more effective than using text (Russmann-Svensson, 2016). In order to achieve this, non-profits can use Instagram images and videos in order to send a strong message of values such as integrity, unity, or solidarity. Samaritan’s Purse is a non-profit that uses this app to explain to people how they can help. Instagram can be used to spread a message across the globe.

Instagram also has a lot of disadvantages. For example, it promotes unhealthy products, and this can negatively influence people. It is difficult to manage thousands of posts that are negative because they can only be removed by someone reporting them. This can be a problem because it could affect the impact that non-profits like World Wildlife Fund have. Non-profits need to be more influential on social media, in order for them to have a smaller negative impact from damaging posts.

The possibility of a fake account is also a major disadvantage for non-profits. Instagram allows users to create accounts easily. All they need is an email address, which can be a fake. There are many people who set up fake accounts in order to spread false information and falsify the accounts of others. In this case, the fake account could ask for donations to be sent to a fraudulent bank. Non-profits who have Instagram accounts are advised to be on the lookout for any fake accounts.

The Contribution Of Leonardo Dicaprio To The Environment Protection

Leonardo DiCaprio has won numerous Academy Awards as an actor, activist and innovator. He is an environmentalist who is committed to making a difference in the world. He has established his own foundation, which aims to support a global charity through money and donations. His work consists of: protecting biodiversity; implementing ocean conservation; and educating people about climate change. He has also produced a number of creative projects and documentary films with an environmentally-themed theme to raise awareness and spark change.

Leonardo DiCaprio tries to change the world before it’s too late. He does his best to protect lives and the environment. DiCaprio received the United Nations Messenger of Peace designation in September 2014. The focus of this was climate change. Our society does not consider climate change to be a major issue. It will get worse if the world does not come together and stop what has been done. The animals and habitats destroyed by humans cannot be brought back, but we can preserve what is left.

Leonardo DiCaprio can be called a contemporary innovator due to the efforts he has made and continues making to improve the world. He’s on a mission: to help save endangered species, ecosystems and third-world communities. Innovators are people who create new products, ideas or methods. In this instance, he’s trying to make a positive change in the world which makes him an innovator or pioneer.

Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation will support projects in all parts of the world to build climate resiliency, restore ecosystems to balance and to help communities. He also has tried to find a solution for the Sustainable Urban Communities challenge. Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation supports projects that promote climate resilience and help restore balance in communities and ecosystems that are threatened. Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation has been doing a lot of work to help save endangered species and communities.

Leonardo DiCaprio’s foundation was created in 1998. Its mission is to protect wild places around the globe. LDF implements strategies that help restore the balance of threatened ecosystems. It ensures long-term health for all Earth’s residents. Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation’s (LDF) work has focused on some of today’s most pressing issues. Since about 20 years, he has been working to change the world. DiCaprio was not alone in his innovation. Many people and organizations have helped to support and promote DiCaprio and his foundation. Solve creates global challenges that innovators, entrepreneurs and tech companies can tackle with the help of tech solutions. Solve launched the Sustainable Urban Communities Challenge in May. More than 153 submissions were received from 15 different countries. The Solve Challenge Finals were held in New York City during United Nations General Assembly Week. 15 finalists presented their solutions live to an expert panel of judges as well as to a live crowd. Solvers join the Solve network to create partnerships with cross-sectoral leaders who can help pilot and scale their solutions. They are innovators because they “introduced new products, ideas or ways to do things”.

Leonardo Dicaprio, in conclusion, is an innovator who is brilliant and compassionate. His foundation, followers and supporters are making a difference to save the planet. He didn’t just make an intervention. He is a man who has accomplished a lot. With his conventions, and marching he helps to show how he cares. DiCaprio has been working with scientists and young entrepreneurs to come up with new ideas to help people deal the various crises that are happening around the globe. Leonardo DiCaprio’s foundation is in danger if people don’t donate or support it.

Factors Of Success Of The Film Titanic By James Cameron

In 1997, Titanic became the biggest movie of the year. Many have experienced the romance and tragedy of Titanic in just 94 minutes. The story follows the sinking of the “unsinkable” ship that was once believed to be unaffected by the sea. It cost many lives. Jack Dawson as well as Rose DeWitt Bukater/Dawson who are both the main protagonists and characters lead totally different lives. In a short time, they fall in and out of love with each other and plan their future. Rose loves Jack but Jack’s mother and other people of high class do not approve. They try everything to keep Rose’s attention on Cal.

Rose and Jack fight to remain together, even though nothing they do can take Jack from her mind. Rose’s life is threatened by Jack’s death, which also sinks the ship. James Cameron’s Titanic uses dramatic camera angles/scenes that allow him to show the social class of the early 20th century, as well the impact that love can have in the face of tragedy. Rose appears in the film many years later, after the Titanic has docked. The story was told in 1912 through flashbacks. These helped to show the character’s emotional state, and how she viewed the sinking of this supposedly unsinkable vessel. These flashbacks were used to tell two stories, set in two different eras. They also showed how the two stories related to one character.

Flashbacks allowed character development off-screen, allowing Rose to learn from her experiences and live a successful, happy life. Rose, at the end of this movie, was devastated that her love had died. But as she grew older, Rose began to see her life in a different light. Rose’s grandmother and a researches who visited the wreckage are also introduced in the film. Both were intrigued by her story, since she was the only survivor. Flashbacks were used to tell her stories about life on the Titanic. Then, the scene would move back to present day. This wide angle allows the audience to understand how large the Titanic really was. Wide angle shots allow for a lot of background to be shown in the movie, which allows the characters to really stand out in the scene. The wealth of the upper classes was shown in their scenes. For instance, the suites they stayed at during their Titanic voyage. The rooms featured expensive art on the walls and were furnished with high-quality furniture. There are numerous points where the camera crew shoots in wide angles, rather than straight on. They choose dramatic angles to engage viewers, and make them feel like they’re actually in the scene.

This made the film more realistic and successful. The music used along with the angles in which the shots were taken added to the mood. Jack tried to stop Rose from jumping off the boat’s back when she was about to commit suicide. Background music with a sad tone allows audience members to empathise with Rose. The social class system in the 19th and 20th century was heavily influenced because it was how society viewed people and how they gained respect. It was evident on screen in the film at various points, with the two characters from different social classes living completely different lifestyles, surrounded by different people and having different views on life.

Many times, the respect an individual received from others was based on their social class. Jack, for example, was not respected by many at the start of the movie because of his past and what he could offer. Rose is also an example. The members of the society who were on board the ship, knew that she was to marry, and that she had a lot of things she could inherit. Jack and Rose fell in love despite the fact that they had very different social roles.

Despite the constant attempts of many people to keep them apart, it didn’t seem to work. Both knew within a short time that they wanted to spend their entire lives together. Love is what pushed them to overcome all odds when their fate was at stake. Dramatic camera angles/settings were used throughout the film to incorporate themes of love and social class into an action-packed adventure movie. This combination of dramatic camera angles/settings, flashbacks and a modernized perspective was used to encompass the themes of social class and love into one action packed adventurous movie.

Smartphones Effects To Students In Terms Of Their Academic Performance, Health And Psychology

In our globalized world, the advancement of technology, in particular, has had an impact on children. Students, in particular, are fond of using smartphones. Mobile phones allow students to avoid searching for pay phones or wondering where their friends are. Smartphones can be used to learn and entertain. There are however three ways that excessive smartphone use can negatively impact students’ academic performance, their health, and their psychology.

First, too much social media time spent on smartphones such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram can negatively impact the academic performance of students. They may lose interest in studying, lose focus in class, or fail to finish their homework. Some students prefer to text their friends than to listen or do a task in class. In addition, students who spend a lot of time on their smartphone playing video games and watching movies will find it difficult to concentrate and may even fail exams. In addition, students who depend on smartphones too much will lose their memories and become less able to think. The students will suffer from poor results in exams, which can ruin their careers. Near-sightedness is one of the side effects. Spending too much of your time staring at the small screen of a smartphone is the cause. A second eye problem can occur if the student strains their eyes trying to read small letters and focus on a small screen. Students may also have hearing problems. They listen to their phone’s music and sounds through headphones. The volume is even worse when it’s loud. The ear will be damaged by the sound.

Addiction to smartphones may have a psychological impact on students. Students may suffer from insomnia and depression when they use smartphones more than 7 hours a night. One of the most common effects of smartphone usage is poor sleep quality. Students use their smartphones late into the night to reply texts, make calls, play games, or watch youtube. They will be lazy and tired in the morning if they have a poor night’s rest. In addition, they may fall asleep in class and miss important lessons. Addicts to technology can also be prone to depression and stress. According to a study, teenagers who spend their time on their phones are less happy because they are less social with their siblings or friends. The student’s stress can lead to depression and anger at any moment and even cause suicide.

For their own sake, students should refrain from using smartphones in the classroom. Students who use their phones in class should be punished or have the phone confiscated. Parents must also pay attention and give their full attention when it comes to children that play on the phone. The parents should encourage the children to make good use of their smartphones, like for education. Students will achieve more in the future if they are not addicted.

Scientific Research And Discussion On Homosexuality

The word “homosexuality”, as we know it today, was created by K.M. Benkert. The term has been around for about 200 years. There are similar acts discussed in Plato’s Symposium and This Work. Not only were the acts and thoughts reserved for literature. There were stories and art that also depicted sexual acts.

The American Psychological Association (2015) stated that “sexuality refers to a pattern of sexual, emotional and romantic attraction to both men and women.” The term “sexual latitude” is used to describe a person’s understanding of themselves based off of these feelings, their behaviors, and their attachment to others with similar interests. In recent years, research has revealed that there are different levels of sexual orientation. These range from a strong attraction towards the other sex all the way to a strong attraction for the same sex. The term homophobia has recently been condemned for its implied notion that antigay prejudice stems from fear. The term “sexual bias” was introduced to better represent the negative attitudes towards sexually stigmatized individuals such as lesbians gays bisexuals transgenders. Sexual prejudice can be defined as a negative attitude based on sexuality. Herek Mays & Cochran Meyer (2003) found that heterosexist societies are a problem for those with non-heterosexuality.

Zachary L.Tureau B.S. Another Theory Zachary L.Tureau B.S. (2003) stated heterosexism was a psychological phenomenon that includes homophobia at an individual level as well as the cognitive affective behavioral and beliefs of a gay or lesbian. This includes heterosexual words and actions, as well as homonegative belief systems. Herek (1995) defined heterosexism by stating that it is “the ideologic system that denies, denigrates or stigmatizes anything other than heterosexuality in terms of identity, community, behaviour or relationship”.

Mihalik’s (1991) work defined Homophobia as any conviction system which supports negative stereotypes and myths about LGB individuals, or the various negative attitudes that result from fear or aversion toward homosexuality. Homophobes see LGPs and their allies as hostile foes who should be despised, hated, or actively introverted. Heterosexism consists of a belief which views heterosexuality to be as natural and dominant as homosexuality. It ignores the reality that non-heterosexuals exist. It thinks heterosexuality should be normalized and standardized, and that homosexuality is degenerate. Heterosexists refer to gays as unfortunate or unlucky people.

Herek (1990), describe heterosexism in the belief that only heterosexual patterns of attraction and lifestyle are acceptable. It promotes heterosexuality and devalues homosexuality. The miracle happens on all levels, cultural and personal. Gays and lesbians have been pushed to the margins of culture. Cultural heterosexism encompasses the social phenomena that creates and maintains anti-homosexual sentiment. In the culture, heterosexism manifests itself in the form of phenomena like the refusal to allow gays and lesbians to marry. The biases are filtered through the social structure and interactions with people, down to individual thoughts and feelings. The academic community is overwhelmingly of the opinion that advanced education encourages tolerance for people with different backgrounds. Experimental evidence supports this hypothesis. However, the impact of advanced education in recognizing homosexuality hasn’t been adequately investigated. In society, there are many negative attitudes towards gays and lesbians.

India is a homophobic country. India is a country where homosexuality has never been openly and publicly discussed. In the last few years, attitudes toward homosexuality are slowly changing. The Indian media and Bollywood have a greater focus on homosexuality. Several organisations, including The Planning Commission of India (NCI), The Union Health Ministry, NAZ Foundation Trust India, The Law Commission of India National AIDS Control Organization and The Planning Commission of India National Human Rights Commission of India supported the decriminalization of homophobia in India. India has a strong social component that includes a third sexe. In India, however, physical, emotional and mental violence is prevalent against the LGBT community. Many homosexual assault victims do not report their crimes due to lack of support by the Police, Families and Society.

Pornography In Modern World And Its Negative Effects

Audrelore wrote, in Uses of the Erotic. “Pornography emphasizes feeling without sensation.” (goodreads.com). Pornography is an industry worth billions of dollars built on abuse and opression. Pornography has a negative impact on a flourishing and healthy society. Merriam-Webster’s Dictionary explains pornography to be “the depiction in a sensational way of acts so as to arouse a fast intense emotional reaction”. Society is “a broad grouping of individuals who have common customs, institutions, collective activities, and shared interests”. Pornography is not only harmful to the public’s perception of the world but also destroys society. It damages families and has a negative impact on children. It not only erodes moral standards and freedom of expression, but also enslaves the addicted. Scientists and psychotherapists have connected pornography with negative neuroplasticity. Pornography is a destructive and addictive form of entertainment that, despite its appearance, can empower and liberate.

Internet is a powerful tool for many things, but pornography infiltrating the web is a threat to the minds of children. Pornography has never been more accessible. It is available on all devices, including iPhones and laptops. Pornographic materials are easily available, which is bad for the well-being of a young child. A 2005 case study revealed that 42 percent of children aged between 10 and 17 had been exposed to pornography without their consent in the past year. Wolak Janis. Unwanted and wanted exposure to online pornography among youth internet users. February 2007, 247. Since 2005, the technology has improved exponentially. Pornography is now more easily accessible. A child’s mind is still developing and can absorb a lot of information quickly. It can be confusing and frightening for a child to see multiple bodies doing unintelligible acts. Children automatically connect sex to pornography when they are taught what it is. Children do not know the difference between a fantasy-world like pornography and real sex. Pornography’s aggressive nature and dramatized presentation normalizes sex as violent. According to studies, a child exposed to pornography has a ten-fold higher risk of engaging in high-risk activities such as multiple partners or sex without protection. Most parents want to raise sexually-safe children. Pornography may be the main source of sex education for children. This increases their risk of being sexually assaulted. Pornography interrupts the developing minds of children and negatively affects their social well-being.”Pro-porn” activists often argue that pornography coincides with the sex-positive movement. The sex positive movement is a philosophy and social movement which promotes sexual diversity and self-expression. The sex-positive movement aims to normalize the sexual and sex-related stigma and make it less prevalent. Pornography, say some sex positive advocates, is an artistic form that uses sexuality to express oneself. What they do not consider is the truth. Pornography does not encourage sexuality or self-expression. Pornography is a major part of American culture. It’s cast, scripted and produced. The film’s actors are not the directors. All major porn stars are directly controlled by their managers and producers. They are not allowed to “self-expression”. Pornography isn’t art. There are no complex plots or thematic themes, nor is there any character development. It is striking how this goes against the values of those who support sex positivity. The “pornstars” are not able to express themselves. In addition, most porn in the United States has a heteronormative tone, which means that minorities are not given a platform to express themselves. Pornography is not diverse or self-expressive in its vast majority. Pornography, therefore, is not inherently sex positive.

Pornography portrays sex in a false light. This is an unrealistic fantasy, which can never be achieved. For a moment, imagine that pornography were a completely achievable and realistic goal. Assume the average person can bend and contort to meet the standards set by the porn industry. Give up the idea of having a child. Assume that you can have sex with someone for several hours without it being tedious or exhausting. Let go of your partner’s needs and feelings. There is something missing even when you are living your fantasy. You do not have sex. You are just a performer without intimacy or love. Previously, these two qualities went hand in hand with sex. Pornography requires neither intimacy nor love. It separates sexuality from communication, respect and affection. All healthy sexual relations should have these qualities. Porn, a fantasy sex story that is misrepresented and leads to despair, is porn.

Pornography is a similar way that photoshopped images can give a false impression of beauty. It reduces men’s and women’s self-esteem. The mainstream porn in America does not represent people of different races or body types. The brain is hardwired to compare oneself to the environment. (CITATION) Many women compare their appearance to adult film actresses. In the same way, men struggle with their own body image. They also compare themselves against male pornstars. As Dr. Jonathan Doyle, an internationally acclaimed psychologist, said: “This low self-esteem can often lead a man to turn to pornography in order for him or her find some form of relief.” Dopamine, which is secreted by the brain in high amounts, can give a short-term feeling of happiness that will lift your self-esteem. The feelings will return, and they are usually stronger due to the fear of being found or the concern over the porn content. Porn stars’ sounds or movements can lead to great psychological anxiety. Men and women who compare their sexual experiences to pornography have a lower self-esteem.

Porn also harms marriage. Patrick Fagan Ph.D., a researcher, found that 56% divorces involved a partner who was interested in porn. Porn is watched by 40% of Americans. Porn does not show any love or passion and lacks reality. This causes frustration in marriages. It may temporarily provide a sexual high to married couples but is harmful to their marriage. According to the American Sociological Association’s August 2016 study, couples who watched pornography had a twice higher divorce rate. (Samuel Perry’s ‘Till Porn Do Us Separate? (Samuel Perry, “Till Porn Do Us Part?

Pornograhy may be argued to be exercising the right of freedom of speech and opinion in America. First Amendment states that Congress cannot make laws prohibiting free speech, or press freedom, or abridging people’s right to peaceably assemble or petition for a remedy of grievances. The constitution also protects other hateful acts like slavery and discrimination. It does not mean that something is good or healthy just because it’s legal. Pornography, for example, is not covered by the constitution. In Chaplinksy (315.568.571, 571.572), the Supreme Court ruled that the Constitution does not protect certain types of speech. This includes the lewd, obscene and other offensive speech.

Pornography can be correlated with the increase of crimes and a decline in morality. According to the Stanford study of 2016, “despite lack of formalized research, FBI’s stats show pornography in 80% of violent sex-crimes scenes or at the homes the perpetrators” The brain learns from repetition. This is logical. Someone who watches porn that contains violence will likely model sexual experiences after it. Pornography may be argued to reduce violence towards women by releasing tension. This argument is not logical. Porn encourages viewers to view women like objects, dehumanize the partners they are with, and stop communicating between them. Pornography may increase the likelihood that people will become sexually violent if they are inclined towards this. Rape has been a popular porn genre. It is still toxic, even though these actors aren’t being raped. Pornography which appeals to fantasies of rape leads to sexual violence. Pornography is strongly linked to immorality and sex crime.

One of many arguments that are used in support of pornography is the fact that it is empowering for women. They claim that porn pages run by females for females are an artistic expression of sexuality and body autonomy. Porn sites such as these exist but are not easily accessible. Some sites, such “Frolic.me”, as well as “Crashpad”, require hefty fees for subscriptions and pay-per views to ensure that actors are compensated fairly. Most people who regularly watch pornography cannot access these feminist sites. Many sites like “pornhub”, which has thousands of free videos, continue to fetishize minorities and women with genres that include “tranny”,”barelylegal”, “asian”, and “fat black girls”. These crude, objectifying names of genres should raise ethical questions. Gail Dines in her book Pornland describes how porn has hijacked our sexuality as saying, “Anyone that is willing to feed of women’s flesh and use their raw materials for profit cannot call themselves a feminist.” As renowned feminist Gail Dines says in her book Pornland: How Porn Has Hijacked Our Sexuality, “Anyone willing to feed off women’s bodies and use them as raw materials to make a profit has no right” (Dines, 38).

One of the ways that porn is harmful is its negative impact on the brain. Pornography is an epidemic. In 2015, Cambrige University performed an experiment where MRI scans were conducted on the brains men who had watched pornography. The study concluded that in order to achieve the same result after watching pornography, you need to watch more and more extreme forms of pornography. (Neural correlates of sexual cue reactivity in individuals with and without compulsive sexual behaviours, 2015). The brain craves more pornography to reach a high, similar to drug addiction. It can lead to compulsive behavior in order to find it. Pornography is a neuroplastic substance. The brain uses neuroplasticity to repair and rewire itself. This brain feature is responsible for learning in certain parts. Pornography releases dopamine in a similar way to drugs. Dopamine is the body’s “feel-good” chemical. Dopamine increases neural connections, which makes the body want to repeat the activity. The brain cells become rewired, causing the human body’s urge to perform certain activities to increase. It creates a vicious cycle. The more pornography viewed, the greater amount of dopamine produced, which leads to a strong desire to watch more. As Dr. Norman Doidge stated in his book “How The Brain Alters Itself”, porn viewers form new brain maps based off the videos and photos they watch. We want to maintain the map area we have developed because it’s a “use-it-or lose-it” brain. Pornogrpahy is similar to drugs in that it stimulates the brain. It can rewire your brain. It can negatively affect how people live their lives. Pornography damages the brain.

Pornography plays a significant role in the 21st Century. As a $97 billion industry worldwide, pornography is a popular form of media entertainment. It’s an industry worth billions of dollars that thrives on neglect and abuse. Not only is it a form of abuse, sexual assault, and oppression that glorifies, but also it dehumanises, and it feeds the patriarchy. Pornography may appear to be a way of expressing yourself, but it is the exact opposite. Pornography enslaves both the pornographers and those who watch it. Pornography not only uses the neuroplasticity of our brains to promote addiction, but it also promotes unhealthy behaviors. It damages society’s foundation by affecting married couples. Pornography can have a detrimental effect on the wellbeing and development of adolescents and children. Pornography plays a vital role in a flourishing and healthy society.

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