The world will continue to evolve and grow as the years pass. What makes a generation remarkable? Some generations have made great achievements, while others have not. What makes a generation remarkable? Is it the intelligence, hardwork, and values that previous generations had inherited from them? What happens to the previous generation that fought for independence, equality and rights? What is the effect of Generation X & Y compared with other six generations? Both generations have had a profound impact on the world, but their social changes are vastly different. They will both educate the following generations. Generation X and Generation Y lived different lives. Generation X was inspired by Generation Y and their values to change and make a big impact in society.

This group includes people born between 1964-1980. This group is not like the rest of the generations, as they are usually forgotten. During this period, many people in Generation Y grew without their parents and with a sole parent. Divorce rates were high. Since they were born to Baby Boomer parents, their attitude changed dramatically. This made them the most reclusive generation at work. As layoffs rose and the market for jobs was highly competitive, there were not as many young people from the past working and running the workplace like Baby Boomers. That’s how “Latchkey Kids” came to be. The term “Latchkey Kids” was used by many to describe the situation in their homes at that time. Both genders were now allowed to work in the same field, which meant that parents could provide for both their children.

As a result of this adaptation, parents and children will be a little more distant. Generation X had very little to look for and grew up much quicker than most. They started reading the newspaper and paying attention on television and became interested in politics during the Reagan/Bush/Clinton years. They are less liberal than millennials, but more conservative. Their outlook has been shaped and defined by their childhood. This was a time when there was relative racial and social stability as well as a generalized domestic prosperity.

Generation Y – also called Millennials – was born into a world that already wanted to transform the way things worked. Generation X influenced Millennials and vice versa, and this led to a trend of personal branding. Generation Y is aware of their abilities and has never been influenced or shaped by stereotypes. The Millennials are a generation that is devoted to freedom and equality. This can be seen in the way they support a protestor-led government and their willingness to “support political independence and independent thought.” They also see education as a necessity, even though it was expensive. The three things that they care most about are education, poverty,and the environment.

At the moment, six different generations share a world and learn from similar events, regardless of their age. Although generations are not shaped the same, they do share a common experience. The collective experience of each generation is the same, regardless of other factors. Generation X gained their independence from negative events, like Watergates. AIDS, drug use, and Chernobyl. The Millennials wanted to stand out from the parents’ generation, embracing their culture and expressing it in a new way. Millennials, the first group to be born in the age of technology and to find new ways to stay connected with the world, are a unique generation. Each generation influences the other as is evident, but they are different and never will be. Two different worldviews from two different generations. This is necessary because otherwise the world will never reach a stage of ablaze. They play a large role in this.


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