Leonardo DiCaprio has won numerous Academy Awards as an actor, activist and innovator. He is an environmentalist who is committed to making a difference in the world. He has established his own foundation, which aims to support a global charity through money and donations. His work consists of: protecting biodiversity; implementing ocean conservation; and educating people about climate change. He has also produced a number of creative projects and documentary films with an environmentally-themed theme to raise awareness and spark change.

Leonardo DiCaprio tries to change the world before it’s too late. He does his best to protect lives and the environment. DiCaprio received the United Nations Messenger of Peace designation in September 2014. The focus of this was climate change. Our society does not consider climate change to be a major issue. It will get worse if the world does not come together and stop what has been done. The animals and habitats destroyed by humans cannot be brought back, but we can preserve what is left.

Leonardo DiCaprio can be called a contemporary innovator due to the efforts he has made and continues making to improve the world. He’s on a mission: to help save endangered species, ecosystems and third-world communities. Innovators are people who create new products, ideas or methods. In this instance, he’s trying to make a positive change in the world which makes him an innovator or pioneer.

Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation will support projects in all parts of the world to build climate resiliency, restore ecosystems to balance and to help communities. He also has tried to find a solution for the Sustainable Urban Communities challenge. Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation supports projects that promote climate resilience and help restore balance in communities and ecosystems that are threatened. Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation has been doing a lot of work to help save endangered species and communities.

Leonardo DiCaprio’s foundation was created in 1998. Its mission is to protect wild places around the globe. LDF implements strategies that help restore the balance of threatened ecosystems. It ensures long-term health for all Earth’s residents. Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation’s (LDF) work has focused on some of today’s most pressing issues. Since about 20 years, he has been working to change the world. DiCaprio was not alone in his innovation. Many people and organizations have helped to support and promote DiCaprio and his foundation. Solve creates global challenges that innovators, entrepreneurs and tech companies can tackle with the help of tech solutions. Solve launched the Sustainable Urban Communities Challenge in May. More than 153 submissions were received from 15 different countries. The Solve Challenge Finals were held in New York City during United Nations General Assembly Week. 15 finalists presented their solutions live to an expert panel of judges as well as to a live crowd. Solvers join the Solve network to create partnerships with cross-sectoral leaders who can help pilot and scale their solutions. They are innovators because they “introduced new products, ideas or ways to do things”.

Leonardo Dicaprio, in conclusion, is an innovator who is brilliant and compassionate. His foundation, followers and supporters are making a difference to save the planet. He didn’t just make an intervention. He is a man who has accomplished a lot. With his conventions, and marching he helps to show how he cares. DiCaprio has been working with scientists and young entrepreneurs to come up with new ideas to help people deal the various crises that are happening around the globe. Leonardo DiCaprio’s foundation is in danger if people don’t donate or support it.


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